From August 1, the owners of housing destroyed by the Russians will be able to apply for compensation

From August 1, the owners of housing destroyed by the Russians will be able to apply for compensation

Starting August 1, homeowners whose homes have been destroyed will be able to apply for compensation to purchase a new apartment or house.

According to the Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine, an application can be made through the Action application.

Not everyone will be able to receive compensation, but only sole proprietors of housing:

  • Destroyed due to fighting after 24 February
  • Not recoverable;
  • Located in unoccupied territory and not in a zone of active hostilities.

To calculate compensation take into account:

  • Average cost (1 square meter in the secondary market as of February 2022);
  • Total area (destroyed housing); Number of rooms (in housing for apartments);
  • Year of construction of housing (for apartments).

How to apply for compensation:

It is necessary to provide an informational message about damaged and destroyed property (if not already submitted);

Apply for compensation by using the service is Recovery in the Application Action.

Subsequently, the possibility of applying for compensation through the TsNAP, a notary and a social protection authority will be opened.

Compensation will be provided in the form of an electronic housing certificate. It can be used to buy housing in the primary or secondary markets, or invest in future real estate.


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