In Kyiv, they are testing a search service for overexposure for animals: how to use it

In Kyiv, they are testing a search service for overexposure for animals: how to use it

A service is being tested in Kyiv, thanks to which pet owners, as well as volunteers and guardians of homeless animals, can find temporary shelter for their wards.

This is stated by the Kiev City State Administration.

The project "єKutochok" was implemented by the specialists of the municipal enterprise "Kyiv city hospital of veterinary medicine". While the platform is working in test mode, it is already possible to register on it.

Users can create two types of account: for those who are looking for temporary shelter for an animal, and for those who can provide it.

According to Natalia Mazur, Acting Director of the KMLVM KP, the service was created due to the high demand for animal care services:

"Kyiv residents often contact us with a request for temporary overexposure. These are volunteers who find animals on the street, guardians of homeless animals, as well as pet owners who have nowhere to leave their pets for a few days, going on business or on vacation. Therefore, we decided create a service "єKutochok", where, on the one hand, it will be possible to find overexposure for animals for some time, and on the other hand, people will be able to take a cat or a dog for a few days, in order, for example, to understand whether they are ready for such responsibility", she explained.

According to Mazur, while the service is working in test mode, therefore, communication from users is very important in order to make "єKutochok" as convenient and functional as possible.

The service can be used not only by individuals, but also by veterinary clinics, shelters, public organizations.

In addition to the overexposure service, in the "єKutochok" service you can find or offer:

  • dog walking service, 
  • care and feeding of animals, 
  • the like.

Also, owners, guardians or volunteers will be able to order additional services for their wards through the service, such as professional photography, training, veterinary support, and more.

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