Ukraine may decriminalize porn

Ukraine may decriminalize porn

The Verkhovna Rada is planning to make a decision on the decriminalization of pornography in Ukraine in the near future.

According to MP Yaroslav Zheleznyak, if the bill is passed, then criminal liability will remain only for pornography without consent (porno-revenge, deepfake), extreme porn (violence, zoo and necrophilia), as well as porn with children and for children (here liability will be strengthened).

For everything else, articles 301 and 302 will remove criminal liability. Important: pimping, involvement in prostitution and human trafficking will remain criminal offenses, as these are separate articles.

We worked on the text of the bill with the Law Enforcement Committee, with the BRDO Effective Response Office, public organizations and even government agencies.

Let us clarify that the current version of the Criminal Code, namely Articles 301 (“Import, production, sale and distribution of pornographic objects”) and 302 (“Creation or maintenance of places of debauchery and pandering”) provide for restriction of freedom for a period of up to two to five years and imprisonment for a term of two to 10 years.

It should be noted that famous porn actors and porn actresses live in Ukraine, who travel abroad for filming, where pornography is legalized. Last year, a petition to legalize porn and erotica in Ukraine gained the required number of votes and was answered by Volodymyr Zelensky. He referred the study of this issue to the Prime Minister.

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