In Kyiv, they are going to raise the transport fare to 30 hryvnias: what is known

In Kyiv, they are going to raise the transport fare to 30 hryvnias: what is known

Kyiv authorities want to increase fares in the capital's public transport in the near future. Moreover, the fare will increase to 30 hryvnias from the former 8.

Ruslan Kandybor, director of the Department of Transport Infrastructure of KSHA, reported this decision in an interview with "Radio Kyiv - 98".

Why will the fare be increased?

In Kyiv, they want to replace minibuses with autonomous trolleybuses, but this can only be done if the cost of travel for citizens is increased.

The official believes that it is necessary to first raise the tariff from 8 to 30 hryvnias, and then start bringing the transport into proper condition. After that, all private routes will be replaced.

"We will change all minibuses to communal transport," Kandybor said.

He said that the emphasis should be placed on trolleybuses with autonomous driving, since their launch does not require large financial investments in the construction of a contact network.

Trolleybuses in Brovary and Irpen

The director of the department of transport infrastructure of the KSHA believes that if the majority of trolleybuses are launched in Kyiv, the environment will improve.

"It is necessary to connect the left and right banks of Kyiv with a trolleybus, where the distance between the routes is 11 kilometers. Trolleybuses that travel part of the route without wires will be able to overcome this distance," he said.

"The trolleybus approaches the end of the contact network, lowers the pantograph, moves to the other bank, raises the pantograph and continues. With the help of such trolleybuses, it will be possible to continue the routes from Kyiv to Kotsyubynskoe, Brovary, Bucha," the official summarized.

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