A new section of the Great Ring Road was opened in Kyiv

A new section of the Great Ring Road was opened in Kyiv

Today, December 5, a new section of the Great Ring Road was opened for traffic in Kyiv. It runs from Bogatyrskaya Street to Obolonsky Avenue.

The length of the section is 1.1 kilometers. It includes two overpasses: over the railway and over Bogatyrskaya Street. Pedestrian sidewalks and bicycle paths were also built on the site.

According to the mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko, the opening of a new section will relieve congestion on Bogatyrskaya Street and improve the transport situation in Obolon.

Construction of the third section of the Great Ring Road began in 2016. The total length of the three new sections is 3 kilometers.

The Big Ring Road is a project that will reduce the load on bridges in Kyiv and reduce traffic in the city.

Mayor Klitschko also said that major repairs of the road on the ring section from the Zhulyansky overpass to the turn to the city of Vishnevoye are ongoing. The repair period has been extended until the end of December.

What does the opening of a new section of the Great Ring Road give?

  • Unloading Bogatyrskaya Street;
  • Improving the transport situation in Obolon;
  • Reducing the load on bridges in Kyiv;
  • Reducing traffic in the city;
  • Positive impact on the environment.

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