Kyiv, 1929. Documentary "Spring"

Kyiv, 1929. Documentary "Spring"
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History of Kyiv 10

18:50, Story

The unique footage of Kyiv in the 1920s takes us to distant days, the beginning of a new, communist life in Kyiv. The beginning of the film is a gradual movement from winter to spring. The snowman, who looks solid and solid in the first shots, suddenly shrinks in size; streams run along the roads, ice growths on the roofs thaw. Citizens open windows, take out winter frames, wash window panes, and take out warm blankets to balconies. Mobile tanks with kvass and ice cream carts appear on the streets.

The next part of the picture is an industrial landscape, which is the continuous movement of mechanisms, gears, trolleys. In one of the workshops, the newspaper «Bulletin of Socialist Competition» for 1929 is being decomposed. Then the camera takes the viewer to city parks and squares. A snail moves along the trunk of a tree, birds make nests in the branches, bees swarm around the flowers, the buds of which open right before our eyes. The townspeople, freed from winter clothes, walk in pairs or singly; young mothers roll open strollers through the streets.

May Days. Demonstration with flags, sports, football match in a crowded stadium. A stunt cyclist rides down the street while playing the harmonica; girls come out to dance.

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