He opened the gas burners and attacked a passerby with an axe. Police detained a criminal in Kyiv

He opened the gas burners and attacked a passerby with an axe. Police detained a criminal in Kyiv

In Kyiv, the police detained a man who attacked a passerby with an ax. It turned out that in his apartment he opened all the gas burners and went "for a walk" around the capital.

This is reported by the police of Kyiv.

"The emergency happened yesterday in the Podolsky district. The policemen were stopped by a frightened citizen who said that he was attacked by an unknown person with an ax and a syringe in his hands," the report says.

Law enforcement officers, together with the help that they managed to call on the way, immediately rushed to the place where the man met an unknown person with an ax.

"There, law enforcement officers found a man who was holding a syringe with a transparent substance in his hand, and an ax lay in the grass next to him. The citizen behaved inappropriately and had signs of drug intoxication," the police added.

Patrolmen persuaded the man to put the syringe on the ground. In turn, he told the police that he opened 4 burners of a gas stove at home and voluntarily gave them the keys to the apartment.

"One crew detained a citizen, and the other went up to the dwelling, where the law enforcement officers felt a sharp smell of gas. The inspectors opened the windows and called an emergency service to the place, sealing the gas pipe to the apartment," the police added.

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