15 action scenarios in case of blackout developed in Kyiv, - Deputy Klitschko

15 action scenarios in case of blackout developed in Kyiv, - Deputy Klitschko

The Kiev city authorities have developed 15 emergency response scenarios related to Russian shelling of the city's life support systems. In August, training sessions will be held, during which the actions of city services will be worked out in case of a blackout.

It is reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to an interview with Petr Panteleev, Deputy Mayor of Kyiv.

"Now we have 15 scenarios [of work in case of emergency]. In August, we will conduct a training session on the stability of the city's life support system during a blackout. We regularly do such staff training - we prepare for various developments, including the worst conditions. This , in particular, scenarios of actions in case of damage to infrastructure facilities," Panteleev said.

According to him, now the city is preparing for the winter even more responsibly and scrupulously.

“To date, two-thirds of the work has already been completed. There is a preparation plan, a schedule on which we are moving. We have another two months to carry out the necessary work and repairs. We plan to complete it by October 1. Considering the importance of this area, Mayor Vitali Klitschko personally controls and monitors the situation conducting headquarters and inspections, inspecting equipment on the ground.I now carry out weekly inspections and check the readiness of various facilities and equipment for winter, in particular, heating points and shelters.With the head of the district, without notice, we inspect selected objects.We control how the district authorities work out the preparation plan by winter. Kiev is doing everything possible to pass this winter safely and stably, despite the difficult prospects," Panteleev stressed.

He called the restoration of damaged facilities and the physical protection of critical infrastructure objects the priorities for the city authorities.

"We are working to protect our energy sector from damage as much as possible, given its condition and period of operation. Last year, the main thing for us was to provide heating points with generators. This work has been completed. Also, those small boiler houses that can operate from generators are already equipped with them. Part of the water supply and drainage facilities are also equipped with generators. Some condominiums and housing cooperatives also install these devices on the coolant circulation and water pumping systems. Also, more than 150 pump-room complexes have the ability to quickly connect to generators," the deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration said.

Panteleev also noted that last winter Kyiv was subjected to 15 missile attacks on energy facilities. In total, during the Russian full-scale aggression, the enemy damaged about 63% of the equipment necessary for the normal and stable passage of the autumn-winter period.

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