In "Дії" you can again change the place of registration: how to do it

In "Дії" you can again change the place of registration: how to do it

The place of registration can be changed again in the "Diya" application. However, this service is not available to all Ukrainians.

This is reported by the portal "Dya".

"Diya" recently returned the function of changing the place of registration. Now it can again be done online in a few clicks. However, only women, children and men of non-military age can use the service.

To change the place of residence, you need to have a tax number, ID-card or international passport in the application "Дія"

Action algorithm:

  • go to "Diyu" and click Services - Change of place of registration;
  • select the desired service - change your place of registration or register another person in your home;
  • Review the list of information required to receive the service and click Get Started.

To register in your own accommodation you need:

  • select the address where you want to register;
  • verify or complete contact details and military records;
  • carefully check the application - sign "Diya.Pidpsom" - pay an administrative fee.

To register in someone else's home, you need:

  • click "In the dwelling of another owner";
  • verify or complete contact details and military records;
  • share a QR code or link with the owner;
  • the owner must choose an address, contact details and sign the application.
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