A fatal road accident at a checkpoint in Kyiv: it became known who was driving the car

A fatal road accident at a checkpoint in Kyiv: it became known who was driving the car

The driver of the Honda car, who fatally hit a soldier at the checkpoint at the entrance to Kyiv on the night of Sunday, October 22, turned out to be a lawyer.

RBC-Ukraine learned about this from its own sources.

"On the night of October 22, in the Dnipro district of Kyiv, a 45-year-old private lawyer, driving a Honda car, ran into a 47-year-old serviceman of the DFTG (volunteer formation of the territorial community, - ed.) at a roadblock. As a result of the accident, the serviceman died," - the source told the publication.

Road accident at the roadblock at the entrance to Kyiv

Early in the morning, on October 22, news networks exploded with news - a military man was shot down again at a checkpoint in Kyiv, he died. Later, the police confirmed that the fatal accident had indeed occurred. Moreover, the Honda driver hit a military officer when he braked sharply because of a truck that he could not see due to the fog. Because of this, he ended up on another, extreme lane, where he hit a military man. At the time of the accident, as noted by the Kyiv police, the driver was sober

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