Highly paid vacancies in Kyiv: salaries up to 110 thousand hryvnia

Highly paid vacancies in Kyiv: salaries up to 110 thousand hryvnia

There are now more than 8 thousand vacancies registered in the capital's employment center. The average salary for them is 14 thousand hryvnia. However, there are categories of specialists to whom employers are willing to pay much more.

IT sphere

The leaders in terms of salaries are specialists in the field of information technology. Software engineers and specialists in software development and testing can expect a salary of up to 110 thousand hryvnia. A software engineer can earn up to 73 thousand hryvnia, an information and communication systems engineer - up to 45 thousand hryvnia, and a software technician - up to 43 thousand hryvnia.


The work of signalmen is also highly valued. Engineers and telecommunication operators are offered a salary of at least 43 thousand hryvnia.


The TOP highly paid vacancies for healthcare workers include:

  • orthopedic traumatologist (32 thousand hryvnia)
  • paramedic (26 thousand hryvnia)
  • audiologist (25 thousand hryvnia)

Working specialties

Employers sometimes offer decent wages to highly skilled workers. In particular, a vehicle driver can earn up to 44 thousand hryvnia, a mechanic - up to 40 thousand hryvnia, a lift operator - up to 39 thousand hryvnia, a woodworking machine operator - up to 35 thousand hryvnia, a restorer of metal structures, an electric and gas welder and a painter - 30 thousand hryvnia each, installer - up to 25 thousand hryvnia.

Technical specialties

High salaries are also found among technical employees. A sales organizer can earn up to 38 thousand hryvnia, a design technician - up to 35 thousand hryvnia, a vehicle trade manager - up to 30 thousand hryvnia, an electronics design engineer - up to 27 thousand hryvnia.

Salary in Ukraine

According to the State Statistics Service, the average salary in the second quarter of 2023 was 17,176 hryvnia, which is 25.2% more than for the same period in 2022.

According to the government's forecast, in 2023 the nominal salary will be 18,527 hryvnia, and adjusted for inflation it will increase by 10.1%.

In 2024, the salary will be 21,809 hryvnia, and adjusted for inflation will increase by 8.5%.


In Kyiv there is a wide selection of vacancies with decent wages. Specialists in the field of information technology, healthcare and blue-collar occupations are especially in demand. In general, wages in Ukraine are growing, but the growth rate is outpacing inflation.

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