Metro tunnel "Demiivska" - "Lybidska" in Kyiv from the inside and work on it from the outside. 31.01.2024 HD

Metro tunnel "Demiivska" - "Lybidska" in Kyiv from the inside and work on it from the outside.  31.01.2024
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Kyiv operational 19

21:25, Transport

January 31, 2024. Kyiv. Kyiv metro. «Blue» branch between «Lybidska» and «Demiivska» stations.

On December 8, 2023, according to the recommendation of experts of the Research Institute of BC, the movement of trains on the section of the «blue branch» was stopped metro due to the fact that at the end of November 2023, cracks in the frame, through which water and sand entered the tunnel, were discovered in the right-hand running tunnel between the «Lybidska» and «Demiivska» stations (direction of traffic to «Lybidska»). On December 13, a «shuttle» movement of trains between «Demiivska» and «Teremka» was organized, and it became possible to reach the rest of the branch to «Lybidska» by reinforced ground transport. At the same time, all 6 stations continue to be used as bomb shelters.

At present, sand does not enter the emergency tunnel. Temporary support structures with a length of 72 meters are installed in it, which should prevent deformations of the tunnel during the dismantling of its 27-meter section. The works are performed by the employees of «AVTOSTRADA» GC. On the surface of the ground above the tunnel, preparations are underway for the open replacement of its damaged part with a monolithic one. It is also planned to strengthen from the inside 20+27 meters of the tunnel on both sides of the new section.

Cleared of trade pavilions and the planned site, the transfer of utility networks is completed, the monolithic distribution slab above and on both sides of the tunnel has been concreted for drilling work with the installation of a wall in the soil made of piles for the future pit. Currently, the completion date of the works is summer-autumn 2024.

Video timing:

  • 0:00 — Intro
  • 0:57 — In the right «emergency» tunnel between «Demiivska» and «Lybidska»
  • 25:51 — In the left tunnel
  • 32:48 — On the surface above the tunnel: preparatory work is in progress
  • 53:26 — We analyze another «betrayal» about the repair period
  • 01:00:10 — Closing remarks, thanks, photo gallery

News on the topic

In Kyiv, there is a possibility of a partial closure of the red line of the metro. This is due to the emergency condition of the Metro bridge, which connects the left and right banks of the Dnieper.
In Kyiv, two more metro stations on the “blue” line will be closed due to repairs. Repairs will begin on another section of the Obolonsko-Teremkovskaya line of the capital’s subway. This was announced by the deputy head of the Kiev Metro CP Dmitry Pinchuk
In Kyiv, starting tomorrow, December 13, the "shuttle" movement of metro trains on the Obolonsko-Teremkivska line will be launched in the sections of the stations closed for repair. The schedule of movement in the subway has been published.
The Olimpiyskaya metro station in Kyiv, which is not included in the list of six closed stations, is beginning to be flooded with water.
Six stations on the blue line of the metro in Kyiv, which were closed for repairs due to depressurization of the tunnel and flooding of the section, will continue to operate as a shelter in case of air raids. However, they will first be checked for safety
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